Workplace Spanish

Instructor Led Courses

From the medical industry to law enforcement and everything in between, ILS can help you learn a new language or industry specific phrases with face-to-face, interactive lesson plans with one of our certified instructors.

Our smaller class sizes provide a friendly, conversational environment where you can feel free to discuss and ask questions to help you maximize results in minimal time.

Do You Need Continuing Education Credits? Click here for help!

Whether you’re an individual, small business or large corporation, the Innovative difference can help you reach new audiences and achieve your goals.

  • ILS is an Official Registered Provider of the country’s leading customized Spanish language and cross-cultural programs and products for non-Spanish speakers who interact with Spanish speakers in the workplace.
  • No prior knowledge of Spanish required for ILS’ learner-friendly language materials and hands-on workships.  These programs eliminate the tedious grammar instruction found in most language programs.
  • Program materials were developed by expert language curriculum specialists with the knowledge and experience of real world practitioners
  • Your course will be led by a certified instructor, native or proficient equivalent to ensure maximum results.
  • Continuing Education credits (CE) for courses have been approved by  International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)

Course Delivery Options

Students can choose to have private lessons or open enrollment group lessons (10-15 students per class). Corporate and government training is also available. Many courses include Continued Education (CE) credits with a final exam grade of 80% or greater.

Course Options to Choose From:

For information on desired courses, e-mail us here or call 407-447-4249.

For each student that enrolls in one of our courses, we will make a donation on your behalf to Operation Smile. Click the logo to learn how together we will change lives.


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