We’ve all heard of the “language barrier,” right? Well, we’re here to tear the walls down.

Would you do business with a company you couldn’t understand or communicate with at all? We didn’t think so. Today’s world is a melting-pot of cultural diversity.  With this increased diversification comes increased opportunity and increased challenges for business owners of every size. For your business, now more than ever before there is a need for Innovative Language Services (ILS).

Based in Orlando, Fla., Innovative Language Services is the result of one woman’s mission supporting Central Florida’s Hispanic community for more than 20 years. A small woman-owned enterprise, ILS was founded in 2010 by Maritza Rojas after she decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her entrepreneurial dream of helping businesses connect to the untapped Hispanic market throughout her community and beyond.

Maritza Rojas, Director.

Today, Innovative Language Services is a Nationally Certified Provider of Spanish/English education, language translation, and interpretation services for businesses of every shape and size that want to reach out to the largely untapped Hispanic market throughout Central Florida and beyond.

By providing exceptional, effective adult-oriented language services, education and cross-cultural training, ILS allows clients to successfully bridge the cultural gap on their way to generating new business and growing their bottom line.

In addition to business services, ILS also offers a wide-array of education options to interested individuals or groups. Online or in-person, participants choose courses designed specifically for their goal. Whether you’re looking for proficient use of the target language or just industry specific terms, ILS will give you the directions and key phrases necessary to succeed in today’s expanding global marketplace.

ILS maintains a highly qualified panel of certified interpreters and translators to assist Limited English Proficient (LEP) consumers with interpretive services as well.

For each student that enrolls in one of our courses, we will make a donation on your behalf to Operation Smile. Click the logo to learn how together we will change lives.